Thanu Khan Barna – Traditional Folk Singer, Khartal And Morchang Player

Profile of Artist:

Thanu Khan is from Barna village in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. He belongs from the Manganiyar community of the Rajasthan and hails from a family of musicians where musical traditions have been transferred through generations. This talented musician started learning Morchang and Khartal at the age of 8 and has already performed at various venues both in India and abroad.

He started performing at Gajendra Singh’s The Mama’s Resort and Camps and started getting noticed. Thereafter, he has travelled almost half the world for his performances. He really takes pride in representing India at a global platform. He has made a group of folk musicians and the name of his group is “Thanubarna Project”.

Even though, he hails from a Muslim Manganiyar community, he sings bhajans of Krishna. Children here are born with the inherited passion and zeal for music. Thanu Khan loses himself in trance as he renders a beautiful melody of a romantic tale in Sorath Raaga. The poetry in their music is what keeps the golden city of Jaisalmer alive, and the musical tradition will live on for years to come.

Contact Detail:
Address: Barna Post, Khuri District, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Phone No: 995 076 5309
whatsapp No: 995 076 5309
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