Sakoya Foundation is basically working to empower our folk artists, traditional artisan, traditional weavers, theatre artists and crafts person of India. SAKOYA means Footprints of our Forefathers. So Sakoya Foundation’s aim is to carry forward the legacy of our Indian Art and Culture which our “Purvaj”(forefathers) have been preserving and creating through ages.


Mamta Dixit, the Founder of Sakoya Foundation, is an established media expert with more than 25 years of experience. Leader in the FM radio industry with proven record of successfully reaching to wider demographics. Proficient in radio, television, and film research, production and direction.

She has interviewed several artists, painters and crafts person of India and realized that they are masters in their traditional and tribal art but they are disconnected with the Digital Media of modern world. They did not have any platform where they could connect directly to the consumers or vendors. Since then the idea of creating an organization came into her mind. Initially her core team did survey of various artisan, painters, crafts people, tribal artists and weavers of India. We realized the gap the between the craft user and the artist. At that time we decided to fulfill the bridge between the artists and consumer.

This is how finally SAKOYA FOUNDATION came into existence and was registered as a Trust in New Delhi in the year 2019 and since then our dedicated team is trying to connect the traditional artist to the outer world. Many of our folk, tribal and other artists from rural and urban areas are getting advantage of this Digital media in this global village. As an Indian it’s our pride to be the part of our prosperous Culture.

Protect our Environment

We help our farmers/villagers to save energy by accepting innovative methods for cultivation, irrigation and save their produce for longer time. Educate farmers/ people about food forest concept. Spread the importance of organic fertilizer by motivating our farmers to protect our environment. Educate our consumer wisely and use recycle, handmade items, discard plastic. We participate in every single small step to protect our environment from pollution.


To preserve and promote Indian traditional art and craft so that artisans remain an integral part of our cultural society. Revive the art which is on the declining path.


Our creative team is making small videos for our you tube channel of various artists, this will create awareness among people about the traditional Art, Culture and Heritage of India.

Educate children through puppet shows, magic show and animated films the importance of folk art, tribal art and traditional craft of India . We are associating with other groups and organization and working on social issues through magic shows, puppet show and traditional story telling. Educate our consumers about the use of Handicrafts items . Appeal all the professional designers to show a path to our traditional artists so that their products are more in demand.

Skill development and guidance by designers will help the artisan for their artistic items for contemporary market in India and also prepare them for global market.

Preserve and Promote the Art and Culture of India through Digital Format

Digital Media and the power of internet is strong medium through which we can reach people worldwide. Keeping this in mind we have developed a digital format of an individual artist with their name, contact detail, profile along with photographs of their art work. This is our Copy right as each artist has given their detail with their consent so that a direct link is formed. In this manner we are able to fulfill our principle aim by connecting our artisan and craftsperson to the prominent vendor/consumer.

Some of our Artists have started benefitting for instance our Bhawai dancer- Suresh Vyas the first artist on our website got an opportunity to perform in a cultural event.At present we have around 280 artists detail on our website, the detail is uploaded when our artist have given their consent, so its Sakoya’s copright and we intend to increase the number, so that maximum artists will get advantage by the support of Digital Media. Sakoya Foundation wants to channelize between the artist and the user to promote and preserve their skill and craft.

Our team is already trying to coordinate with designers so that our folk artists are shown a right path in this modern time. It is essential to bring traditional art in the mainstream market. Our creative team is associating with other organizations to upgrade the design and technology and to develop new prototypes preferred in contemporary markets. Develop and modernize the handicraft sector .

We are in process to connect our artists to the Skill India Mission so that they will be further trained which will help in uplifting the present small artisan of India.


(A Social, Cultural & Environment Movement)

Trust Registration Number: 1285 Date- 12/02/2019 (DELHI)
Tax Benefit: Registered under section 80G, 12A
Pan Number: AAXTS7523H
Niti Aayog/Darpan: Unique Id of Vo/NGO/DL/ 2020/02556328
Darpan Reg. Date: 13/07/2021
Work Areas: Artists welfare, Education, Health, Environment, Skill Development, Women & Child Development.
NGO’S Working Area : All Over India
Contact No: 965 447 8368
Whats App No: 965 447 8368
Mail Id: sakoyafoundation@gmail.com
Website: http://sakoyafoundation.com/
Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPRB6McABcJIvooqkhecfPA
Registered Address: 12A/24, Lane No: 10 ,Vijay Mohalla, Maujpur, Delhi -110053