Sharwan Khan Shama Rajasthani Folk Artist (Shama Folk Music Band)

Profile of Artist:

Popular folk and Sufi singer Sharwan Khan speaks about the legacy of traditional Rajasthani music that he belongs to a family of master singers, they have been following their folk music since more than fifteen generations. Since childhood, he has been very sharp when it comes to rhythm he used to listen to his Guru his father Chhuge Khan. The special style of Manganiyar Folk music called Jangra includes a variety of songs for all occasions of life right from birth.

This is the reason Sharwan Khan and his family formed a special musical folk band called as SHAMA BAND. The interesting aspect of their band is the Rajasthani traditional instruments played during the performance. Most of the time they sing in group and have a melodic flavour and use of instruments such as Khamaycha, Sarangi, Khartal, Dhol, Nagara, Shenai and Satara create magical music in the desert.

Sharwan Khan’s Music Band is very popular both among Indians and foreigners. His voice has graced musical events and platforms in India and also in various cities of Europe and Middle East.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village/Post Unda, District Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. India
Phone No: 935 199 6099
whatsapp No: 995 024 8932
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