Shani Dhanuk - Pencil Sketch & Contemporary Artist

Profile of Artist:

Shani Dhanuk comes from a family of folk artists from a small village in Rajasthan. Shani Dhanuk’s father is a folk singer though he had an artistic bend towards painting. When Shani Dhanuk use to accompany his father in local performances then he realized that people have respect for artists, since then he decided to do something in creative field.

At the age of around 6 or 7 years he was asked to draw something in class. He copied a sketch by keeping a carbon in between the drawing sheets. Shani Dhauk’s teacher scolded him and he said to him, “ if you really want people to appreciate your work then do something on your own, stop cheating be honest to yourself.” This statement changed the life of little Shani, now whenever he draws something on paper people ask him, “whose photograph is this?”

Shani Dhanuk is a unique artist who does pencil sketch painting and sometimes water painting also. Water colours are not available in his village so he prefers pencil sketch which is easily available. Shani Dhauk has long way to go, he is doing graduation in Arts.

Contact Detail:
Address: Shahabad Village, Baran Zila, Rajasthan-325217
Phone No: 963 665 5758
whatsapp No: 963 665 5758