Shailendra Kumar Tekam- Traditional Gond Artist

Profile of Artist:

Shailendra Kumar Tekam is a Gond Painter who belong’s to Dindori district in Madhya Pradesh. This is the area where the tribal race is good in gond painting. All the tribal folk artists are engaged in preserving this folk art made by special community.

Shailendra Kumar is an established gond artist who paints on canvas, wall, and wood or anywhere he wants to paint his tribal art. Every Gond artists have a special style; their folk painting is made in unique pattern. Shailendra Tekam uses natural colours in his paintings, the bright colour which he uses, usually draws from leaves, flowers, plant sap and organic material.

Shailendra Tekam is an professional tribal gond artist who has displayed his exhibitions in different parst of country, according to him their tribal gond folk art is an extension of their religious belief which is prominently visible in his paintings.

Contact Detail:
Address: House No # 886, Gyaneshwar Colony, T T Nagar, BHOPAL
Phone No: 969 152 1113
whatsapp No: 969 152 1113