Sanjeev Chouhan- Professional Paper Toy Maker

Profile of Artist:

Sanjeev Chouhan is a unique artist who shapes animal life on paper. Sanjeev possesses an inborn talent for giving beautiful shapes and sizes to paper. As a young boy he was fascinated by the paper toys which he himself created. He was never interested in other subjects but his all time favorite subject was craft. Sanjeev’s mother wanted his son to study further but he chose to make his hobby a livelihood.

Besides paper toys he has also been making innovative and informative paper card games.

Sanjeev Chouhan knows the art of amusing children and brings a smile on children by making colourful tortoise, mouse, giraffe , squirrel, dog and many more animals. Some of his animals are stationery but others move their neck and tail, this really amuses the kids as well as adults. He plans to put his paper models on glass boxes especially those animals which are at the verge of extinct.

Sanjeev conducts workshop and teaches his skill to children and adults also. So far Sanjeev have crafted more than 100 paper animals and is eagerly looking forward to make new animals which are found in other countries.

Contact Detail:
Address: DELHI
Phone No: 885 179 4729, 981 130 1146
whatsapp No: 981 130 1146
Email Id: