Rekha Sapera- Traditional Kalbeliya Dancer

Profile of Artist:

Rekha Sapera is the youngest professional dancer in Pushkar. She is a traditional folk dancer of Kalbeliya community. Rekha Started dancing on her own when she was a little girl. Rekha Sapera has travelled around the country and have performed in various cultural functions. She creates magic on the stage through her performance in her colourful attire.

Pandemic has taught Rekha to teach Kalbeliya dance to her international students by the help of her mobile. This technology and new way of teaching remotely has helped the Kalbeliya family to survive in this tough time.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village Ghanera, District Ajmer, Pushkar, Rajasthan
Phone No: 869 020 6922
whatsapp No: 869 020 6922