Purushottam Tanwar Lok Bhajan Singer

Profile of Artist:

Purushottam is a devotional singer and he has been singing Kabir Bhajans since last 15 years. Purushottam Tanmar is a post graduate and he wishes to pursue PhD on Kabir’s philosophy. At present he is a teacher in Kabir Academy Madhya Pradesh.

Purushottam is inspired by the philosophy of Kabir who believed in living life in a very simplistic manner. Kabir had a strong faith in the concept of oneness of God. So Kabir spread the simplest message of love and fraternity among all. Presence of a single God was the central point of his teachings. God is unlimited, endless, pure, and omniscient.

This is the reason Purushottam spreads the message of oneness through the hymns of Kabir Saheb. He also tries to teach these bhajans to the younger generation.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village- Palduna, PO Baghera, Tehsil-Tarana, District Ujjain. Madhya Pradesh 456770
Phone No: 896 593 7254, 626 824 5808
whatsapp No: 896 593 7254
Email Id: purshottamtanwar342@gmail.com