Purna Bora- Traditional Puppeteer

Profile of Artist:

PURNA BORA is a traditional Puppeteer from Assam who has been working on both ancient and modern style of puppet since more than two decades. Throughout these years he has made various types of ancient traditional style and modern style puppets. Purna Bora has changed the traditional string puppet with a dignified and distinct style. The puppets he has made includes rode puppets, rode and gloves puppets, gloves puppets, body puppet etc. The recent work of Purna Bora include shows under CCRT and ICCR local program on various social awareness topics in and around Assam and other Northeast states.

For near about a decade he has been working as a performer as well as a resource person under CCRT. As a performer he performs on various puppet acts which include Skits by puppets, modern and folk dance by puppets, Magic by puppets, One to one talk with human, Recitation by puppets, Playing of musical instruments (pepa)by puppets.

Contact Detail:
Address: AIDC, Nabin Nagar, Janapath, H/No. 10, Guwahati - Assam
Phone No: 995 463 7378
whatsapp No: 995 463 7378
Email Id: purnabora.puppeteer@gmail.com