Pt. Ajay Prasanna- Indian Classical Flute Player (Banaras Gharana)

Profile of Artist:

Pandit Ajay Prasanna is an internationally acclaimed Indian Classical Flautist. He is fortunate to be born in Banaras Gharana, as a loving child he use to listen his father by simply observing his father play the flute while teaching his students. He received his training in flute from his father- Guru Pt. Bholanath Prasanna, who is also Guru of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia. Ajay being an ardent listener and keen obsever he gave his first performance at the tender age of 6 years in Allahabad Akhil Bhartiya Sangeet Sammelan.

Since then Ajay has developed an immense ability to innovate any raga keeping the traditionalist approach intact by observing his father's lessons. He has been nominated 3 times by Grammy Awards also. Ajay Prasanna have also performed in Royal Albert Hall London, Sydney Music Festival (Australia) and Paleo Music Festival (Switzerland)

Pt. Ajay Prasanna continues his musical journey to thrill audiences with his performances across the globe.

Contact Detail:
Name: Pandit Ajay Prasanna
Address: Varanasi
Phone No: 981 107 1232
whatsapp No: 981 107 1232