Padmashree- Prahlad Singh Tipaniya- Indian Folk Singer Who Sings Kabir Bhajans In Malwi Folk Style

Profile of Artist:

Prahlad Singh Tipaniya ji is a traditional singer who sings Kabir Bhajans in Malwi folk style. He along with his troupe is an incredible performer who himself plays Tambura and Khartal while singing Kabir Bhajans. Prahlad ji was born in the small village of Lunyakhedi, District Ujjain, his father Atmaramji’s economic condition was not good so he was sent to his maternal grandparents where he got his education. Prahalad ji’s parents were illiterate but he completed his Masters in History from Vikram University Ujjain (M.P.)

His awards include Malwa Ratna, Shrestha Kala Acharya, Isuri Samman, Bhajan Bhushan, Madhya Pradesh ka Shikhar Samman, the Sangeet Natak Academy award and most recently the Padma Shri award. Prahlad ji have travelled extensively to Europe, U.S.A. Canada and have become a most compelling folk voice of Kabir Bhajans.

Prahlad ji’s Kabir songs create awareness among people about the real philosophy of Kabir. Love for all was Kabir’s principal tenet. Saint and Poet Kabirdas emphasized that love was the only medium which could bind the entire human kind in an unbreakable bond of fraternity.

Contact Detail:
Address: Luniya Khedi, Kabir Nagar, Post Kanasia via Maksi, Tehsil Tarana, District Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.
Phone No: +91 94250-84096
whatsapp No: +91 97708-34666
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