Nemi Chandra Shakya - Traditional Artist of Tarkashi Inlay Work

Profile of Artist:

National award winner Nemi Chandra Shakya has immense knowledge and years of experience in Tarkashi Inlay work.

Tarakshi is an extremely ancient art. In it, the work is done on sheesham wood with brass wires. Mainpuri is the only center of Tarakasi art in the world.

Nemichandra Shakya , is a director of the Tarkashi training center in Devpura in the city of Mainpuri. He has trained many young artists. According to Nemi Chandra, Tarakashi is now employing skilled hands. “Tar” in Hindi means wire and Tarkashi craft utilizes gleaming metal wires set in the wood to craft some intricate floral or geometric patterns.

Tarkashi artifacts are the best gifts to be cherished for a very long time. Nemichandra is proud to conceptualize amazing Tarkashi craft items.

Contact Detail:
Address: Mohalla Purani Basti,Devpura, District Mainpuri (U.P.) India
Phone No: 941 160 4606
Whats app No: 790 632 3385
Email Id: