Mustafa Lota- Maker of Rajwadi Khotla, Traditional Charpai, Khatia

Profile of Artist:

Mustafa Lota is one of a young skilled craftsperson who has proved the saying –“those who dare to dream there is a whole world to win.” Mustafa comes from a poor family from small village named Balambha in Jamnagar. They lost everything in the flood; Mustafa had to quit his studies due to financial crisis at home. He discontinued his education and could not study further after tenth class.

The source of income in his family was through agriculture on their small piece of land but due flood they had to leave their village and shifted to Rajkot in search work in the year 2012. Mustafa’s father Shabirbhai Harunbhai Lota was expert in making traditional Charpia. He used to weave the Charpai in his village. Mustafa always watched his father weaving the rope bed (Khatia), very soon he picked this art of weaving the traditional Charpai. Now Mustafa just at the age of 25 has a manufacturing unit of Rajwadi Charpai and Khatia. Young talented Mustafa has never been to any training school of business, still he is exporting his Designer Khatia worldwide.

Mustafa smilingly told us that his designer Khotla are in great demand, he is getting orders from USA and London also. Mustafa and his four brothers support him in the family business. He manually makes around 900 Rajwadi Khatia in an year. He uses galvanised steel, wood and resham/silken thread, which are quite durable in rain and sunlight. A simple idea of converting a traditional Charpai into designer and durable charpai has changed the life of skilled and young Mustafa.

Contact Detail:
Name: Mustafa Lota
Manufacturing Unit: India Fabrication Rajwadi Khatia
Address: Ahmedabad Highway, At Shokhada, Rajkot (Gujarat)
Phone No: 851 185 5786
whatsapp No: 851 185 5786
Email Id: