Mamraj Soni- Traditional Alibaksh Gayan Artist

Profile of Artist:

Mamraj Soni comes from a place called Tijara in Rajasthan, by profession he is a jeweller who makes beautiful jewellery on gold, silver and diamond. The forefathers of Mamraj Soni were Goldsmith who lived in Rajasthan, their family profession was passed on through generations but there is one more thing which is their legacy and is preserved till today.

Apart from ornaments making, Mamraj Soni father Nemi Chand Soni use to sing the traditional Rajasthani songs in Alibaksh Gayan Shaily . At very tender age Mamraj started enjoying his father singing and soon he also picked the songs that were sung in Alibaksh Gayan Shaily. Alibaksh Gayan Shaily is one of rarest and ancient gayan shaily that can hardly be heard these days.

Contact Detail:
Address: Tijara, Alwar, Rajasthan
Phone No: 982 809 2875
whatsapp No: 982 809 2875