Magician Iqbal Pasha- Indian Traditional Magician

Profile of Artist:

Iqbal was born in a traditional family of Magician of Andhra Pradesh. He started performing magical tricks from his childhood. Iqbal accompanied his father Mohd.Chand Pasha in various tamasha and this how he picked up the various tricks.

Magician Iqbal has performed in different festivals like “APNA UTSAV”, “MTNL-HEALTH MELA”. He has also achieved his name in the “GUINNESS WORLD OF RECORDS” in the year 1997 where he participated for 6 months.

Magician Iqbal Pasha has participated in number of educational and social awareness programs for instance health and sanitation, dowry, population, Immunization, AIDS & STD and vaccination. Magician Iqbal has also worked in a prestigious project with Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

The technique behind the illusion creates curiosity among the audience and this how Magician Iqbal Pasha is able to keep the traditional magic alive in India and abroad.

Contact Detail:
Address: 2151/18B-5, New Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110008
Phone No: 981 052 3604, 987 311 5284
whatsapp No: 981 052 3604
Email Id: