Love Kumar Soni - Sanjhi Traditional Artist

Profile of Artist:

Sanjhi is the ancient art of paper stenciling practiced across Mathura and Vrindavan, it is a unique form of paper craft.

Muthura born Love Kumar Soni comes from an artist’s family where Sanjhi art was practiced as a family tradition.

He learned the skill and nuances of this Sanjhi art from his mother Smt.Chitralekha Verma. Unfortunately, Love Kumar lost his father when he was hardly 2 years old as a result his mother had the responsibilities of her family. She studied further and pursued Sanjhi Art and soon she started teaching in a school. As an inquisitive child Love Kumar use to imitate her mother’s craft work and started doing on her own.

Since his childhood till today Love Kumar is practicing this Sanjhi art which is an ancient and a sacred art.According to the Srimadbhagwatam, Radharani herself initiated the practice of Sanjhi by creating such beautiful designs on ground.

Love Kumar was honoured by State Award in 2017 for his beautiful pattern of Sanjhi Art.

Contact Detail:
Address: 219, OmkareshwarColony, Mathura- 281006 U.P.
Phone No: 812 686 4685
Whats app No: 807 709 5178
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