Kalbeliya Folk Dancer- Padmashree Gulabo Sapera

Profile of Artist:

Gulabo was born in Kalbeliya tribe in Ajmer as Dhanvanti, her mother gave the girl to one of tribe lady to bury her new born girl being 4th girl in her family as the community believed that the girls were a curse being a burden to the family. She was lucky as her masi (mother’s sister) who did not have any girl, saved the child as her mother insisted her to do so. Her father took her along in a tender age for the snake show on the roads. One and a half year old Gulabo started dancing like the snakes on her little feet. Later she continued practicing her dance in isolated places despite the objections of her community. Once she was taken to the holy shrine of Khwaza moinuddin chisti, with a rose flower and here she the new name “GULABO”.

Gulabo gave her first performance on the stage at Pushkar when she was noticed by one of the senior officer of tourism department.

This public performance further enraged her community and this time the infuriated community panchayat slapped her family with social boycott.

She was later asked to join a culture crew for the USA. This overseas performance in the US established her as an Ambassador of the folk heritage of Rajasthan. A visiting faculty at institutions in countries likes DENMARK (Copenhagen). FRANCE (Paris). Gulabo has extensively travelled globally and has visited 165 countries.

She is working tirelessly for the image makeover of the community through the GULABI SAPERA SANGEET SANSTHAN, set up by her. She was honored with the 4th highest civilian Padmashri award from the President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee.

Contact Detail:
Address: 36, Mukherjee Colony, Gate No- 4, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur-302016, Rajasthan India.
Phone No: 982 841 7807
Whats app No: 982 841 7807
Email ID gulabos@yahoo.com