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Bhimseni office was established in 1947 for the health care of eyes of people of India so that they could get rid of various eye diseases. Before that for many years Vaidya Shiromani , late Katavaruram, worked hard and took full care of the eyes of the people of the country and to get rid of blindness caused by eye diseases. Late Pandit Satyanarayana Shastri, his Ayurvedic Guru Based on the intensive investigation of the physical (doshas, metals and rubies) and their quantities in eye diseases under the direction of Ayurveda expert Late Vaidya Dharamdas ji, Moordhany Bhaishaj Kalpak, Late Pandit Kaladhar Prasad ji and Ayurvedic Chakravarti late Tarkashankar Mishra, our institution acquired construction and technical knowledge.

Our aim is to provide international level quality eye medicine for the eyes at a low cost for the world public eye welfare and it is our aim to reach not only India but also to every corner of the world and benefit people.Not only in India, there is no such Vedic method of ophthalmic treatment left in the whole world.

Since 1947 Bhimseni Sachhe Moti Ka surma and Anjan(kajal) is made of pure Bhimseni Kapoor(camphor),researched medicines, herbs, and are prepare in ayurvedic form, through this various eye problems get better by applying this like conjunctivitis eye redness, night blindness, dimness, swelling, eye sore.

Bhimseni also produces special Ayurvedic Bhim baby care massage oil and Him Bhringraj Ayurvedic Hair Oil in ancient traditional way.

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Address: Bhimseni Karyalay; K67/7, Ishwargangi U.P. India 221001
Phone No: 933670 2733
whatsapp No: 933670 2733
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