Gopal Dhanuk- Saharia Swang Dancer

Profile of Artist:

Gopal Dhanuk belongs to the Saharia tribal community of Shahabad, a place in Rajasthan. Gopal Dhanuk is known for his Sahariya Swang Dance which is mainly performed during the month of Holi. He is performing this tribal swang dance since more than 25 years. Gopal Dhanuk along with his troupe travel from one village to the other village to perform Swang. Usually the swang features a male dressed in female costume. The performers decorate their body with colourful paints and cover their head with leaves.

Saharia Swang is mainly of three types. One is Basveshwar Swang which is mainly performed in the month of Kwar, second is Kaali Swang which is done in Navratr of Chaitr month and the third one is Holi Swang which is performed for complete one month of Phagun. The dance is performed on the beat of dhol, nagara and matki. Gopal Dhanuk is a wonderful dancer and also an organizer of his troupe. He has performed in many places in India and abroad.

Contact Detail:
Address: Shahabad Village, Baran Zila, Rajasthan-325217
Phone No: 978 300 9863
whatsapp No: 978 300 9863