Folk Musician Family- Ustad Gaji Khan Manganiyar, Kamal Khan Manganiyar & Moti Khan Jeena

Profile of Artist:

Kamal Khan is a traditional Rajasthani folk singer.

Ustad Gaji Khan Manganiyar the legendary singer from Manganiyar community of western Rajasthan (Barmer ) is his first Guru and his father. Kamal Khan has shared stage with his father and has mesmerized the audience with their Sufiana Kalams in Rajasthani ascent at various cultural events and festivals in India and in abroad.

Kamal is not just a singer but he is also a Kamaycha player and a traditional music composer. Manganiyars of Rajasthan have been associated with Sufi music for ages. It is a way of life for them and they will forever cherish it. Children at home start learning music by the age of 10.Music is in their genes. Even Ustad Gaji Khan Manganiyar’s grandson Gulab Khan has started learning to play the traditional instrument Kamaycha.

Kamal Khan son Moti Khan Jeena have participated in musical events and reality show also. He is an upcoming young traditional rock singer of Manganiyar’s family.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village/Post Harwa, Tehsil . Shiv Barmer, Rajasthan
Phone No: 976 459 5788, 998 202 5210
whatsapp No: 976 459 5788
Email Id: