Dr. Chinmay Mehta – Painter/Muralist, Revivalist of Languishing Indigenous Tradition

Profile of Artist:

Dr. Chinmay Mehta is known internationally for his innovative ways of preserving the rich art and heritage of Rajasthan. He is a one the legendary pillars in the field of indigenous Visual Arts who did his Masters in Painting in 1963 and later completed his Doctors of Philosophy in visual arts in the year 1973 the research subject was “Treatment of space in Rajasthani miniature paintings.” He worked as former Professor and Dean, in Faculty of Fine Arts, Jaipur- Rajasthan. Multifaceted and Cultural Activist was honoured by National Award for his art work. Dr. Chinmay is the designer of phenomenal Village resorts such as Chokhi Dhani, Nirali Dhani and Dhola ri Dhani (Hyderabad).

Chinmay Mehta and his wife Meena Mehta were invited by the State University of New York for Lecture demonstration and art exhibition in the year in 1977. Around 6 decades of immense experience Dr Chinmay Mehta’s dream is to revive and preserve the rich heritage of India through his innovative ideas and he has already begun his creative journey.

Contact Detail:
Address: 6-KHA—20, Jawahar Nagar,Jaipur-302004, Rajasthan- India
Phone No: 982 906 5205, 935 237 5698
whatsapp No: 982 906 5205
Email: chinmaysmehta@gmail.com
Website Link: http://chinmaymehta.com/