Deva Khan- Rajasthani Folk Singer

Profile of Artist:

Deva Khan was born and brought up in a family of traditional musicians in Barmer Rajasthan.

Deva Khan belongs to music community that have practised this form of art across Rajasthan.

Deva Khan’s father Sadhi Khan has a magical melodious voice who has always made a remarkable popularity among his listeners.

Deva sings in raag Khamavati Jangda shaily and in more raags. Like father like son the traditional value continues as his son Raval Khan also practises the folk art form under his guidance.

Deva Khan have started training his son Raval Khan at very young age. He teaches him various raag on which the traditional songs are based.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village-Bissu Khurd, Tehsil – Shiv, District- Barmer , Rajasthan
Phone No: 954 925 1778
whatsapp No: 954 925 1778