Deene Khan- Folk & Sufi Singer

Profile of Artist:

Deene Khan Artist belongs to a family of master singers, that perform unique, folk songs since more than fifteen generations. His energy and his vocal skill owe much to the influence of his father and tutor, Shri Ramjan Khan. Deene Khan musical career started in a small, almost medieval village named Chelak near Jaisalmer. His voice has graced musical events and platforms in India and around the world from Europe to Africa and Dubai.

Deene Khan sings a wide repertoire of traditional Folk and Sufi songs. The special style of the Manganiyar Folk Music called Jangra includes a universe of songs for all occasions.

These desert musicians have become very popular both among the Indians and foreigners. Even Indian directors have used Rajasthani folk music in their films. Some of the recent movies where Rajasthani folk music have been used have become popular all over.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village Post - Chelak, Dist. Jaisalmer 345001 Rajasthan
Phone No: 968 040 4233
whatsapp No: 968 040 4233
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