Bax Khan Gunsar – An International Gunsar Folk Music Artist

Profile of Artist:

Bax Khan comes from a traditional family of folk musicians. He started playing with Kamayacha when he was a kid. Gradually he picked the art of playing different Rajasthani instrument under the guidance of his father Akbar Khan and his elder family member Ustad Ramjan Hammu Khan, these two musicians were the first legend singer as well as Kamayacha player to perform Live at Royal Albert Hall in London. Bax Khan also learned the art of making these traditional instruments from his father.

Bax Khan realized that the young generations of folk musicians were trying to change the track of their traditional form of art and culture. Most of them were engaged into bad habits. This thought gave him the idea of opening a training school for children. In fact this was the vision of his father Akbar Khan to open a Gunsar Folk music Institute for the children of folk artists. The efforts of Bax Khan showed him the path to fulfill his father’s dream. He is now founder and Managing Director of Gunsar Lok Sangeet Sansthan (Jaisalmer).

Bax Khan has been awarded for the first Artist Social worker for best workshop, where children are trained free of cost in Rajasthani folk music. This is a unique institute where all the words fail and only music speaks. More than 500 children of folk music community have attended this institute free of cost. The best part of this music institute is that children also learn to make their own musical instruments like Sindhi Sarangi, Khartal, Morchang, Muril, Nar, Been, Bhapang, Kamaycha, Dholak, Dhol, Rawanhatha and Algoja because these traditional instruments are not available in the market. Children from this Institute have participated in reality shows and on Sony TV, they also worked as play back singers for Hindi films.

He has been working for HRH Group of Hotels Udaipur since last 27 years. Bax Khan is fortunate to be associated with Maharaj Kumar Lakshayraj Singh Ji of Mewar who have showed him the path to preserve, protect and promote the traditional Historical folk music. He also introduced him to the famous Musician Salim Sulaiman Merchant of Hindi films. He has travelled with them in more than 50 countries around the world and performed together with SSLIVE Band.

Bax Khan has participated in live band of International Folk Art & Culture Festivals and has performed in countries like USA, London, Canada, Singapore, Russia, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Bangladesh and Europe. He has also worked with Mahindra & Mahindra Group which is the pillar in preserving and promoting the Historical art and culture of India.

In spite of challenges Bax Khan is on his journey to save the historical, traditional and unsung folk music.

Contact Detail:
Address: Kalakar Bhawan , Geeta Ashram, Jaisalmer, Pin-345001 Rajasthan. India
Phone No: 876 929 1779, 966 426 5808
whatsapp No: 876 929 1779
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