Avinash Karn – The Contemporary Madhubani Artist

Profile of Artist:

Avinash Karn is a young contemporary artist comes from Madhubani region and his fame is heavily depended on the ‘Madhubani’ style. Graduated from the Department of Sculpture, BHU (Banaras Hindu University), Uttar Pradesh, Avinash Karn, towards the end of his education had recognized the mission of his life; to become an artist who did all what he could towards propagating the homegrown Madhubani style all over the world, but with a difference.

By now Avinash Karn has achieved such felicity and skill that he could handle paper, canvas and walls alike. He has also forayed into digital production of his works, not as a copying methodology but the digital technology as a method to enhance the possibilities of the style that he has been instrumental in making and propagating.

Avinash Karn’s works are a bold intervention in the contemporary scenario of art where the artist’s modern education becomes a tool for him to further his regional art style. Avinash travels a lot and each sojourn adds to the visual coffer that he gleefully flaunts in his works.

Avinash Karn Studio of Art (AKSA) is a community studio of art that welcomes every individual who is dedicated to Madhubani art, no matter what gender or age group they belong to. Here we learn art mutually, work in collaboration and cooperate with each other towards the progress of our art profession.

ArtBole is the by-product of AKSA or the mutual work of its artists.

Contact Detail:
Address: C/o Pitamber Lal Das, Near Bhramsthan, Vill. + post- Ranti, Distt.- Madhubani, Bihar-847211
Phone No: 988 914 0529
whatsapp No: 988 914 0529
Email Id: avinash.artist@gmail.com
Website: http://www.avinashkarn.com/