Anand Mishra- Indian Actor, Theatrical Director & Bollywood Acting Teacher

Profile of Artist:

Anand Mishra is a versatile veteran actor, Theatrical Director , Bollywood acting teacher and writes blog also. One of his blog has series of stories. One is "Anandnaama" which is social satire and another one is "Ganga Ki Aatmakatha" It is a book which is inspired by his personal life experiences.

Anand Mishra, one of Bollywood’s most popular teachers, his initial student was Katrina Kaif. Today, he has all kinds of actors — bonafide and wannabe — queuing up to learn Hindi Language. He takes around 26 sessions with an actor at his/her house. Many NRI’s are flooding to Hindi Cinema industry who wants to learn Hindi language and acting under the guidance of Anand Mishra.

Anand Mishra began his acting career in his home town Jabalpur and later wanted to join National School of Drama in Delhi but he being a caring son could not leave his mother in Jabalpur for 3 years. Later he was lucky to be the part of Rangmandal Bharat Bhawan Bhopal. Till today Anand has directed and acted in several plays. To name a few- Ghasiram Kotwal, Mitti ki gadi,Taming of the Shoe, Teen behne,Andhayug, Dharamveer Bharti.

Anand Directed the play, Babuji written by Vibhanshu Vaibhav. He also directed the Play, Kiski Biwi Kiska Shauhar an adaptation of English play Bachelor's Dilemma.

Anand Mishra has recently directed play called U TURN in which star cast is Poonam Dhillon and Asif Sheikh. The forthcoming film UNDERTAKER of Anand Mishra is about to release in his most memorable character. He continues his never ending journey in films and theatre in his own unique style of simplicity.

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Address: 34/701, Malwani Housing Society, Eita Nagar Mahada Kandivali (West) Mumbai-67
Phone No: 982 072 2778
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