Anand Kumar Shyam- Indian Tribal Gond Artist

Profile of Artist:

Anand Kumar Shyam is a gradute from Madhya Pradesh, while telling us the story of symbols used in Gond painting he said, “we actually make some mark or symbol on trees to enable us to find our way back when we go into the jungle. It was these ‘dot' markings which first caught the eye of J. Swaminathan's team in 1981, sent into Gond jungles to study our art forms.” Since then they started painting.

Initially this art form was made on the walls of their huts where especially the ladies of family decorate the house and also made an outline which saves their family from evil spirit.

Anand Kumar and his wife Late Kalavati was a real creative team together of Gond Art. Anand Kumar Shyam knew which kind of painting would be popular in market and his wife Kalavati would paint exactly in that pattern. Late Jangan Shyam ji and Anand Kumar Shyam would paint number of Gond paintings together.

This is how gradually Gond Artist started getting recognition in India as well as in foreign countries. Anand Kumar Shyam ji have been honoured by many awards both nationally and internationally. The Guru Shisya Prampara still prevails in their family as Anand Kumar Shyam ji’s son Sambhaw Singh Shyam is also a marvelous Gond Artist like his parents.

Contact Detail:
Address: X-1, Vanyanchal Press, G.T.B. Complex, New Market, Bhopal (M.P.) India
Phone No: 942 441 8569
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