Amal – Master Craftsman of Seashell, Coral and Pearl Items

Profile of Artist:

Amal mainly works on marine natural products like pearls, seashell and coral.

Amal uses, conch shells in a variety of ways – creating items of home décor with beautiful engravings etched on its crust, these seashells are renowned not only in Bengal but all over the world.

Amal picked this skill from his father Kamala Kant Sahoo who was a born artisan from Midanapur.

Amal is a State Award winner, he was honoured for his beautiful craftsmanship on seashells.Apart from engraved shells, other conch shell crafts, he uses woodwork also in making utility items like table lamps, incense holders, ashtrays, vermilion containers, coasters, spoons and forks.

Amal has trained few artists and he along his team are also working on seashells jewellery which is appreciated worldwide.

Contact Detail:
Address: Namita House 3,Village Haldia, Post Haldia Patna,P.S. Ramnagar, District East Midnapur- West Bengal
Phone No: 870 056 3341, 981 171 7716
whatsapp No: 926 671 4096
Email Id: