Profile of Artist:

Zakir Khan is a prominent young Bhapang player which is a rare musical instrument of Rajasthan.Zakir learned this instrument from his father Farooq Mewati, and his father’s guru was his grandfather Zahoor Khan Mewati who was a world famous Bhapang player. This unique musical instrument is a derivative of Lord Shiva’s damroo and for this reason Zahoor Khan and members of his community are Muslims by birth but calls themselves Shiv-yogis — living by the Koran but worshipping Lord Shiva.

The man, Zahoor Khan, and his one-string instrument — the bhapang — are today well enshrined as part of Rajasthan’s popular folklore. He used to sit outside popular cinema halls in Alwar, enticing cine-goers with the melody of his one-string instrument. He had been doing this ever since he was five.The bhapang has been traditionally used by beggars to beg around villages and small towns. Zahoor Khan changed all that. He is credited not only with popularizing the bhopung internationally but in fighting for the revival of many other such old traditional instruments and folk arts of Rajasthan that are fast fading into oblivion.

Zakir proudly says that he intends to carry forward the legacy of his forefathers. Zakir sings Bhajans of Krishna Leela and Ramayan on folk music of Bhapang. "I want to keep alive the music that my father spent his entire life innovating and will in turn pass it on to my sons. This is our ancestral vocation and this is all we have", says Farooq. folk art is restored to its rightful place and glory.

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Address: Alwar Rajasthan
Phone No: 8741897927
Whats app No: 8741897927