Yusuf Khan - Bhapang Player

Profile of Artist:

Yusuf Khan’s grandfather and father were world renowned folk musicians and Bhapang player. Yusuf Khan has inherited the art of playing Bhapang from his family and learned from his father Umar Farooq Mewati who was a legendary Bhapang performer. He remembers his father, how he handed the instrument to him when he was barely four year child in a function, this was his first performance.

Yusuf Khan father sacrificed his job and joined his father Jahoor Khan Mewati to dedicate himself fully to music. Yusuf Kan father and grandfather have travelled to over 40 countries to perform their traditional music.

State award winner Yusuf Khan is an engineer but like his father he wants to focus on his traditional Mewati folk music. He his trying to digitalize his father and grandfather’s music. This way he wants this ancient musical instrument to be popular all over the world and revive this dying folk music.

Contact Detail:
Address: Dehli Road, Mungaska,Alwar, Rajasthan-301001
Phone No: 988 768 6633
whatsapp No: 988 768 6633
Email Id: bhapangyf@gmail.com