Vikram Bhand- Traditional Behrupiya

Profile of Artist:

Vikram Bhand comes from a traditional family of behrupiyas. The word behrupiya is derived from word “Bahu” means many “roop" means form. It is a primitive Indian art form where the behrupiya can be in any character and enact in front of audience to entertain them. We could call it Indian style of street theatre.

Vikram Bhand was a little boy when he accompanied his grandfather Chagan Lal to various places and watched him putting up the makeup and how he performed like a real character. Even at the age of 80 Chagan Lal actively performs this street style theatre art and can perform in 56 character form.

Vikram Bhand was lucky that he learned this special theatre art form from his father Durga Shankar and grandfather. In ancient days Behrupiyas were patronised by kings and royal families they use to dress up in mythological and historical characters and entertain the people through their performance. Now there are no kings and royal dynasties so because of work their family started migrating from Rajasthan to other parts of countries.

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Address: 191, Bheel Basti, Baroo, Chittorgarh, Baru, Rajasthan, Pin- 312207
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