Vijendra Singh Kurad- Singer Of Kabir Bhajans

Profile of Artist:

Vijendra Singh Kurad is a young aspiring singer who sings Kabir Bhajans. He always enjoyed listening to his father’s bhajan in his childhood. He started singing Bhajans in his childhood and was later trained under the guidance of Solanki ji in Dewas in Madya Pradesh.

At present he is learning the style of singing Kabir Bhajans by Padma Shri Prahalad Singh Tipania under the Guru Shishya Prampara.

Kabir’s wisdom is widely invoked through devotional songs performed in classical and contemporary style. The social contexts in which Kabir’s poems were composed and received are relevant, as they were a part of the oral tradition, generally sung or heard rather than silently read. Similarly Vijendra Singh heard devotional songs from his father when he was a kid and this is how he had the inclination towards Kabir bhajans.

Contact Detail:
Address: Shankar Nagar, Near Vikas Nagar, Dewas, MP
Phone No: 888 961 9704
whatsapp No: 888 961 9704
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