Vijay Joshi – Traditional Phad Artist ( Master Craftsman)

Profile of Artist:

Vijay Joshi’s ancestors are one of the pioneers who have been associated and preserving one of the ancient arts of India, Phad paintings of Rajasthan. Vijay Joshi believes that this art form of storytelling is more than 600 years which has a timeless appeal. National Merit Awardee Vijay Joshi was trained under the guidance of his first Guru- his father Shri Shantilal Joshi and learned the nuances of this valuable art form.

Vijay Joshi of Shahpura is one of the rare artists whose uniqueness and novelty of his phad paintings primarily based on the mythological stories related to various Hindu Gods. Vijay Joshi’s Phad paintings have been highly appreciated nationally and internationally as well.

Esteemed Vijay Joshi have composed series of 121 Ganesha Painting, Durga Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa, Sundar Kand , Abhigyanshakuntalam, Prithviraj & Gauri and many more. Rajasthan State Bronze winner Vijay Joshi has designed special paintings on Mahatma Gandhi ji Phad painting (2018-2019) and Amitabh Bachchan Phad Painting (2005) Vijay Joshi’s Collections of Phad paintings is exhibited worldwide for all the Shahpura’s Phad Painting lovers.

Contact Detail:
Address: Virasat Phad Painting , Near Purana Janana Hospital, Balaji ki Chatri, Halwaiyo ki Gali, Post Office SHAHPURA- Pin- 311404,District Bhilwara, Rajasthan.
Phone No: 941 467 7750, 941 414 7568
whatsapp No: 941 467 7750