Sugini Devi- Rajasthani Folk Singer

Profile of Artist:

Rajasthan’s female folk voices have been just as soulful and abundant; their performances in the public space have been limited, often echoing just within the bounds of their homes, community or their patron’s house. Singer, Sugini Devi, is one of the few voices who have been singing not just locally, but internationally.

She along with her brother Punnath forms a very good team. They both started performing at very young age in local functions and started getting recognition in their local area. Sugini Devi’s brother Punnath accompanies her and plays melodious Been when she sings the traditional Rajasthani folk songs. Sugini Devi lost her husband around ten years before, she has a son named Gordhan Nath who is studying and also supports her mother during her performances and plays dholk with her.

Sugini Devi has given performance in various country like Germany, Australia, Newsland, and many more.

Contact Detail:
Address: Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Phone No: 741 282 8791
whatsapp No: 741 282 8791
Email Id: