Sikander Behrupiya- Traditional Folk Artist

Profile of Artist:

Sikander Behrupiya have inherited this traditional art form through his ancestors. Sikandar told us that Behrupiyas are the first makeup in the history who after putting up the costume and make up looked like real Hanuman, Shiva, Krishna (God and Goddess).They were not just the entertaining story tellers in the kingdom of King but they were also used as “Guptchar” meaning the spy. So Behrupiyas always got the full support from their kings. Behrupiyas also gave assistance to maid of queen in making natural herbal product that could enhance their beauty. Now many traditional families of Behrupiya have migrated from their homeland because of work.

Now a days Culture Ministry is putting lots of sincere effort to revive this art form so many state level and National level programs are organised and Behrupiyas are invited. The talent of Behrupiyas can be utilized in various platforms like, theatre, advertisement, serial, films and other creative areas where there story telling can be used to spread positive social message.

Sikander himself is a very good makeup man and costume designer. He has been honoured by special award in Gandhi and Sai get up.

Contact Detail:
Address: Sikander Abbas Shaukat Bhai Shaikh ,Pawaharh Road Badshah Baba Dargah house No: Z 14 Halol p.m.s. Gujarat Pin -389350
Phone No: 989 892 3795
whatsapp No: 989 892 3795