Shyam Sunder Sharma- Traditional Artist Of Pichwai Painting

Profile of Artist:

Shyam Sunder Sharma is one of the leading artists among the Nathdwara artist community who has been awarded with the Rajasthan State Award of Handicraft. Pichwai artists strongly feel that this art form can never die and ... it only needs lot of care and patience.

Shyam Sunder Sharma proudly said that he is fortunate to be born in an artist family and hence, got atmosphere of painting right from the beginning. He learned PICHWAI art and paintings from his father SHREE CHATURBHUJ JI SHARMA. He got experience regarding Pichwai art from Rashtrapati Awarded REVA SHANKER JI SHARMA for two years in Nathdwara.

Pichwai paintings depict the immortal tales of Srinathji – the child manifestation of Lord Krishna. Now days Shyam Sunder ji have come up with 3D effect in these paintings which are in great demand of their unique style and intricate detail. To keep the legacy of great family alive Shyam Sunder Sharma conducts workshops nationwide as an enthusiastic teacher his paintings are displayed at various places in India and also exhibited at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, United States.

Contact Detail:
Address: Chowpaty Market, 1 st Floor, Near Tulsi Hotel, Opp. Chotti Dharamshala, Nathdwara ( Rajasthan)
Phone No: +919414825373, +918769626499
whatsapp No: 9414825373
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