Shanti Pawar –Traditional Lathi Kathi Expert (Acrobat)

Profile of Artist:

Shanti Parwar is around 85 years old who is more famous by her name Shantabai. She is expert in Lathi Kathi Vidya. Shanti accompanied her father Balu Parwar at the age of 8 for Khel Tamasha. As an inquisitive child she picked the acrobat tricks like moving on rope, and various tricks of Lathi (stick) when she was young. She is has immense experience of Lathi Kathi Vidya, due to her flawless performance she has worked in various Hindi films like “Tridev”, “Sherni”, “Seeta Aur Geeta” and “Raj Tilak. She has taught this traditional art form to her granddaughters also.

Shantabai is a self-made woman, only her granddaughters stay with her. Even at this age she goes to local mela (Fare) to make her livelihood. Shantabai is a dedicated woman and full of energy, her knowledge and experience should be utilized to train young children.

Contact Detail:
Address: Vaidvadi Gosavi Vasti, Hadapsar Pune -411028
Phone No: 937 361 1504
whatsapp No: 937 361 1504
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