Sanjay Kumar Nayak – Traditional Pattachitra Artist Who Works on Palm Leaf and Other Products

Profile of Artist:

Sanjay Kumar Nayak is a professional artist of Pattachitra painting. Pattachitra is one the oldest form of painting which is still preserved in Raghurajpur, Odisha. A community of artists still make such traditional art form which they have attained from their ancestors. They feel proud to preserve and promote this Indian Heritage. These Paintings have been drawn on walls of Udayagiri caves and the famous Sun temple of Konark.

Sanjay was born in an artist family, as an inquisitive child always watched his father drawing attractive and colourful paintings.

When Sanjay was in fourth standard he started sitting next to his father when he was painting. He use to watch carefully and started learning this special art form from his first guru – Brajabandhu Nayak (His father). Though his father never wanted his child to become an artist because he knew the hurdles in this field.

Sanjay completed his graduation though never pursued the path which his father wanted him to do a job government in sector.

As we all know where there is a will there is a way and this was the case in Sanjay’s life also his continuous persistent in pattachitra painting has made him a professional artist. Love for this ancient art form has made Sanjay Nayak a talented artist who has preserved this art form as well understood the market of consumer products.

Contact Detail:
Address: Senapatia, Post – Chandan Pur District-Puri – Odisha- 752012
Phone No: 909 034 7197
whatsapp No: 909 034 7197