Sahrukh Khan – Rajasthani Sufi and Folk Singer

Profile of Artist:

Barmer is famous for its indigenous rich folk music. Sahrukh Khan was born in a traditional family of Musicians and at the age of around 7 years he accompanied his uncle Fakira Khan Bhadres (his father’s elder brother) to various Cultural events where he got the exposure. Soon Sahrukh Khan realized that Rajasthani folk music has number of compositions, styles and techniques. He has formed his own group that perform Sufi song, traditional folk music and Kalbeliya dance also.

Sahrukh has travelled in most of the cities in India and have left his charm on the audience. He has also performed on international stage entitled “Babu Ki Katha” in South Africa. Sahrukh is a talented traditional folk singer who has make a mark in Rajasthani Folk Music.

Contact Detail:
Address: Barmer Kalakar Colony, Rajasthan
Phone No: 889 008 6891
whatsapp No: 889 008 6891