Rahim Ali - (Sattar Cashmere Fair Trade Boutique) Jaisalmer

Profile of Artist:

Rahim Ali is a friendly person who is always fascinated by the foreigners, especially how they take immense interest in Indian culture. The desire to learn new things Rahim did job at different placec. He is illiterate but still he can speak in English and French language. Rahim has the skill of an entrepreneur he wishes to do different business where he could support the local artisan of Jailmer.

Collaborate and sell high quality handicrafts items and artifacts produced by regional artisans, tribal people and villagers. Primarily for export markets using mostly native products that carry the fair trade logo. All designs created by illiterate women from local villages. We carry cashmere wool, pasmina wool, viscous bamboo fiber and silk scarfs.

Contact Detail:
Address: Dhundha Para, Behind Jain Temple, Near Hotel Siddharta On Fort, Jaisalmer - Rajasthan
Phone No: 966 037 6224, 998 209 6805
whatsapp No: 966 037 6224
Email Id: sattarcashmere@gmail.com