Rafik Khan Behrupiya- Traditional Folk Artist

Profile of Artist:

Rafik Khan belongs to the traditional street performer community of Behrupiyas whose job is to entertain people of villages and town in different get up and characters.They were the theatre artist of past. Rafiq khan like any other Bhehrupiya is also a very nice story teller who can portray any character as if when required.

Rafiq Khan ancestors lost their job when the there were no Kings and Kingdom so they gradually migrated to other places for bread and butter. This art form is at the verge of dying, the Culture Ministry and Tourism department is trying hard to promote their art by inviting them in various cultural Festivals. According to Rafik this is not enough for them to survive. They need to explore their talent in other areas apart from performing at functions.

Contact Detail:
Address: Sadak ke pass gajooka, Gajeeka, Kherajahar,Alwar Rajasthan –Pin - 301028
Phone No: 637 543 0281
whatsapp No: 637 543 0281
Email: sakoyafoundation@gmail.com