Purshotam Solanki- Renowned Artist Of Handmade Cinema Posters

Profile of Artist:

Purshotam started making posters right from 1913 film Harishchandra to the late 80s. It also features evergreen films like Guide, Gopi, Mother India, Mughle azam and many more of golden era. He learned this talent from his Uncle Nand Kishore Solanki around 5 decades before who worked for Indian cinema posters in Jaipur. At that time when the county’s first Indian sound film named Alam Ara was made, the cinema posters were hand painted made by established artists.

Time has changed now in this computer age younger generation has no clue how handmade film posters were made 60 years before. Purshotam is trying to replicate all the old hit film posters and is using the same powder colours to give the original touch. It takes around one month to create to create 2 or 3 posters. Whole idea is to present 100 handmade posters and create a unique position in Guinness book of world record.

It was a prestigious work for an artist at that time when the director and producer shared the story with the painters and then they would create handmade film posters through their imagination. He truly says that he dislikes the kind of film posters that are made today. He lost his job of making handmade film posters. Though he says even in this Digital Media there is lot to explore for such kind of artists.

Contact Detail:
Address: 70/71, Ahilya Pura Main Road,Near Gorakund Square,INDORE- PIN- 452001 (M.P.)
Phone No: 977 052 9095
whatsapp No: 977 052 9095
Email: artisitpsolanki@gmail.com