Profile of Artist:

Prof. Himmant Singh Jadeja has experience of around 5 decades in Theatre, Film, Television and Outdoor Productions. He has produced nearly 150 documentary films in India and abroad.

His film U-Turn at Pushkar bagged the Best National Film award at the International Festival for Short Films on Culture in 2007. As a passionate filmmaker he is passing on his expertise to youngsters of mass media.

Prof. Himmat Singh Jadeja is very similar to his name; he is an honest man who has himmat (courage) to speak the harsh truth without any hesitation.

Himmat Singh has created 8 festivals for department of Tourism, government of Rajasthan.

In 1996 he created own repertory having folk,sufi, kathak and kalbeliya dancers, langas, manganiyar and performed on invitation on national and international level. Himmat Singh and Tripti Pandey from tourism Ministry was the first person who spotted Gulabo Sapera a Kalbeliya dancer at the age of 13 at Pushkar Fair.

Himmat Singh ji had Connoisseur eye, so he immediately recognized her talent for dancing. He already knew that she will be a famous queen of kalbeliya dancer! Finally this was proved to the world when Gulabo Sapera got the Padma Shree award. According to Gulabo, “ Himmat Singh Ji and Tripti Pandey were so impressed by my dance and today where I have reached is because of their support”

Currently Himmat Singh is working on a project of prestigious migratory birds that visit India every season, his idea is to offer a healthy habitat to these lovely migratory birds of various 29 countries. (Like European countries.)The idea of Prof. Himmat Singh is wanting to develop a bird safe zone where migratory birds will be provided with healthy environment along with the feed where there will be no contaminated lakes and polluted water bodies. This place will be unique in a way to provide a natural comfortable residing of migratory birds with feed crops during their stay in breeding time in India. The natural site might be developed as a place for tourists and bird lovers, where there will be a peaceful area for bird lovers.

This will also generate employment for local people and a source of income generation so that the bird habitat can be well maintained forever and become self sustainable. On this model other bird NGO’s will clean the natural water bodies and make a better place for migratory birds in their state.

Before its too late and such race of migratory birds become extinct, it is an appeal to All corporate, Indian and International National NGOs, State and Central Government including international funding agencies to join hands and help to develop a unique tourist spot and bird sanctuary for different species of beautiful and speechless migratory birds of this planet.

Let’s join hands together for this noble cause.

Contact Detail:
Address: R/O HOUSE No#A-86, Swami Keshwanand Nagar, Opposite Rose Residency, Near Skit Road,Ram Nagar, Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan -302017
Phone No: 931 495 1825
Whats app No: 931 495 1825
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