Pandit Mahesh Chand Sharma- Shilp Guru Of Wood Craft

Profile of Artist:

Shilp Guru Pandit Mahesh Chand Sharma is one of the humblest and dedicated craftsperson who is working hard at the age of 75 to pass on his special skill to other upcoming artisan. Smilingly he shared that initially his forefathers did the unique traditional carving on “Elephant Teeth” which was considered one of the most precious artefacts during the royal time. Like his father, Mahesh Chand Sharma picked up this art at young age. He is happy that he is carrying forward the legacy of his father Laxman Das.

There was a restriction on the “elephant teeth”, this craft was banned as a result he switched over to “Chandan wood” to continue his traditional art, later he had to discontinue this carving work on Chandan wood also. Pandit ji being passionate about his ancestor’s art work accepted the challenges and all kinds of obstacles and in the year 1994 decided to continue his art work on “Sagwaan Wood”. Since then he designs his own ideas on Sagwaan wood.

Pandit Mahesh Chand Sharma is an International acclaimed artist and has been honoured by several awards till today.

Pandit ji is doing a commendable work by training the prison inmates in Tihar Jail Delhi and have trained prisoners in different kinds of woodcraft. This artistic skill will enable them to earn decent livelihood after they are released from jail.

Pandit ji continues to work for such noble cause and is willing to go anywhere in the world to train young artists so that his art prevails.

Contact Detail:
Address: 26 1st Floor, Old Anar Kali(Near Radha Puri), Krishna Nagar, Delhi-110051
Phone No: 935 087 8123
whatsapp No: 783 814 0236