Mehruddin Langa – Traditional Sindhi Sarangi Player

Profile of Artist:

Mehruddin Langa was born in a traditional family of musicians; he grew up listening to the folk songs sung by his mother while doing the household work. The Langas are keen on passing this talent on to their younger generation. Mehruddin plays Sindhi Sarangi , algoja and morchang which are traditional musical instruments of their community. Mehruddin Langa learned the details of Sindhi Sarangi from his father Kammu Khan who was one of the renowned musicians of his time.

Mehruddin Langa has an experience of more than 4 decades in playing Sindhi Sarangi and has performed at various concerts in USA, Germany, France, and England and at many other international platforms. The Langa musician caste uses the Morchang to accompany singing or the playing of the Sarangi or the Satara.

Mehruddin Langa proudly told us that he has shared the stage with legendary musicians like Ravi Shankar, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Zakir Hussain, Sultan Khan and many more. He continues his journey to preserve the traditional music of Rajasthan through his performance.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village- Badnawa,Tehsil- Pachpadra, District- Barmer, Rajasthan
Phone No: 982 923 9671
whatsapp No: 982 923 9671