Mayaram Dhurwey- Traditional Gudum Baja Lok Nritya Artist

Profile of Artist:

Mayaram Dhurwey is a traditional artist who plays a musical instrument called Gudum Baja. This is a folk music and dance where the performers are the special tribes from the forest area of Madhya Pradesh and they play these instruments with their elbow and stick. The best part is that Mayaram Dhurwey usually plays Gudum Baja in a group of other artists and they play the musical instrument and dance simultaneously which makes dance more rhythmic, excellent and striking to watch.

Mayaram Dhurwey told us that this instrument is made of iron which is further covered with an animal skin that produces rhythmic sound. He has performed in most of the reputed cultural festivals of India and intends to spread this unique art world wide.

Contact Detail:
Address: Dal Pramukh Village, Madhopur, District Dindori, M.P.
Phone No: 975 459 4656
whatsapp No: 975 459 4656
Email Id: