Manjoor Khan Manganiyar – International Traditional Folk Musician

Profile of Artist:

Manjoor Khan and his troupe come from a very popular “Manganiyar Gharana”. He sings range of traditional folk songs to Sufi songs also. Manjoor Khan once said, “we do not even know who wrote these compositions originally. We have songs about birth, marriage, love, separation and even about physical fights. When I asked my father the composer’s name, he did not know either because these songs have been passed on to us by our ancestors.”

Manjoor Khan along with his troupe has performed in more than 40 countries and has been appreciated immensely by all the music lovers.

Contact Detail:
Director: Sarwar Folk Music Institute, Dedariyar
Address: Dedriyar, Balewa, Gadara Road, Barmer, Rajasthan India
Phone No: 829 016 8076, 941 301 8972
whatsapp No: 829 016 8076
Email Id: