Manjit Singh- Traditional Bhangra Dancer

Profile of Artist:

Manjit Singh is a folk dancer of Punjab. He along with his group members has been performing Bhangra all over India at different occasion since 15 years. Bhangra is one of India's most energetic dances .Originally the Bhangra dance emerged to rejoice in the harvest season when the villagers celebrated, after seeing their crops .These days Bhangra Dance is becoming popular day by day. The influence of Bhangra can be easily seen in Bollywood, however, it has reached a far wider audience. Moreover, the traditional moves of the Bhangra have been taken to global platforms also.

Manjit Singh told us that they wear vibrant costumes, without which Bhangra wouldn’t be what it is. The dresses that are worn during a Bhangra performance are very bright, bold and colorful to symbolize the joyful and celebratory nature of the occasion. It is very important that the dresses allow the dancers to move freely as there is lot of movement in the dance.

Contact Detail:
Address: WZ-K-75,Krishna Park, Near Pastry Place, New Delhi 110018
Phone No: 991 011 3198
whatsapp No: 991 011 3198