Mahmed Yakub Khatri- Master Craftsperson in Bandhani (Tie and Dye Crafts)

Profile of Artist:

Mahmed Yakub Khatri was born in Kutch district, Gujarat state, India. M Yakub Khatri’s father was a beedi worker and later joined Malaria department of state government as Malaria survey worker.

Yakub Khatri did graduation in commerce and also completed graduation in Law.

Later he shifted to Anjar-Kutch, where his mother and sisters were engaged in Tie & Dye crafts since childhood and they taught him how to practice this craft. As they taught him, he started doing the craft on cotton fabrics and slowly he started doing the Bandhej on Georgette, Gaji, silk and wool fabrics.

Mahmed Yakub Khatri’s two sisters, his father and mother are no more in this world, but they have taught him “Bandhni craft”, which has become his livelihood now. The contribution of Mahmed Yakub Khatri to tie and dye craft is marvelous. He is a master craftsperson who can dye all type of colour independently with the different type of designs.

Contact Detail:
Address: Plot: No-101, Yadav Nagar, Megpar Road, Anjar (KUTCH) 370110
Phone No: 832 057 4773
whatsapp No: 940 947 3025
Email Id: