Mahboob Khan- Traditional Behrupiya

Profile of Artist:

Behrupiya once popular traditional performing art is almost dead in this modern age. The word Behrupiya is referred to a community of artistes who imitate and dress like various characters to entertain people.

Mahboob Khan is one of the Behrupiyas who is holding on to the flag of his community. He does comedy act and other performances to entertain the masses in different cultural functions. He has travelled to many foreign countries to perform on international stage.

Ancestors of Mahboob Khan were entertainers and got the royal patronage in court of Kings. As royal rulers diminished, their lucrative profession gradually started facing a bleak future. They moved from their homes and migrated to other states to find employment.

It is true that imposition of technology on all aspects of their lives has meant that other traditional forms of entertainment have taken a back seat and this has affected their ancestral profession.

Mahboob Khan is trying hard to revive the dying art of behrupiyas.

Contact Detail:
Address: Village Bhabroo, Tehsil Viratnagar,District Jaipur
Phone No: 995 095 3824
whatsapp No: 995 095 3824
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